Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cleaning a Mess--at "The House"

After a tumultuous night of sleep, I woke up late and headed straight out to the house. We have a friend from Casey's work helping us! Oh wow, it feels nice to have someone else who is SKILLed in carpentry out on the house, on our side, GETTIN' STUFF DONE! :) His motivation is probably prodded with the incentive of $$$....maybe.

Finished: The french doorway header we put in between the dining room and living room. Before it was a single door off to the side.

See that door way? It was small and really shut off the living room from the dining room and kitchen.

Now that whole wall of studs you see to the left is basically a span wide enough for french doors and some 'sidelights' (indoor window panes up the sides of the doors). Although its not even walled in or anything, it looks BEAUTIFUL!! (I'll post what it looks like, when I get my camera charged.)

Also finished:
  • Kitchen windows framed in.
  • Kitchen doorway we are getting rid of, closed in. (the one on the right)

  • Linen closet smaller--so the cold air return can be in there--so there is more room in the new laundry room! Which is important, because how can one fill up the linen closet if one don't have a highly functionable laundry room?--first things first a this house!)
  • Powder Room framed up--almost--might have to change something.
To work on tomorrow:
  • Changing the size of the powder room doorway.
  • Framing master closet wall.
  • Framing toilet room in master bath.
Oh! and today Casey and I spent about 2 hours picking up, sweeping, removing lathe and plaster and INSULATION that is still lingering around. It looks SO MUCH better and hopefully work will go more quickly because there isn't all that JUNK around--or as much of it I guess!

I am very thankful for my extremely hard working husband. Seriously, and in the COLD weather. (I don about 4 layers which makes it hard to move, but at least I'm warm. Being warm is more productive then being free to move--learned that the hard way!)

I better go get some sleep if we are going to get this house done by 2014!

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