Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's dog IS this!?!

So the other morning we were headed out to the house--extra early by my standards--not my husband's. We drove by some cows and I told my hubby to let me out, I wanted to take some pics. Not thinking clearly, I invited Kaity out, too. So I start snapping away. 
(these shots are sooc--anyone want to get me photoshop for Valentine's Day?)

Doesn't she look tasty!? Just kidding! I totally try not to think of them that way...ever.


Aww this poor little girl. She got beat up by the other horses when she came to the ranch. They ran her through a fence. Horses are actually have a very strong caste system and this girl was at the bottom of the ranks for about 2 days until we (I use the term "we" very losely--it was my FIL) moved her in with the new baby horses. On her chest right above her leg is a huge gash...can barely just see it on here--but it was HUGE three months ago. She's really thriving now--actually at the top of the herd this time.

"Umm, lady, what that black thing behind you?"

Oh, this was the dead coyote on the fence--the fence I was using for a tripod.
This is all normal they assure me.

Betsy, you are so cute! Or just dumbfounded....I never really know what that look means.

They were really sticking around for some good shots, but I think it was just curiosity. Because the entire time I was shouting around at THIS:


Oh, she was having the Time Of Her Life!
I, on the other hand, was so frustrated!! But evertime I tried to chase her down, she gained confidence (because then the cows were actually moving away from her) so she just kept running! She is such a little turkey.

I have no idea who's dog this is or where she came from.

I mean look at the little punk, this picture caught her mid-bark!
What a terrorist!

(She's usually such a good listener, too--I mean, from what I hear. She just gets in THE Zone out there by the cows. My husband assures me this is a habit that must be broken yesterday.)

But if she wasn't there--I don't know if these horses would have given me the time of day. So maybe, maybe she was my best asset out there.


And these ladies seemed to think she was pretty interesting, too.

And I think I kinda like her too...

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