Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Little Man

From what I hear, he was upset that I didn't have any pictures of him when I featured his sisters on the last blog. So the next time he came over, he was sure to remind me I remembered to snap some shots of him too...

I met this little dude about 3 years ago. He came into church and sat in front of me. He wanted to look at me, but every time I would flash him a smile, he would look away very shyly. Once he finally let me hold him, he was quite the cuddle bug. Since then, he and his sisters will come and stay with us periodically. We LOVE them.

He is all boy. Jumps off the couch head first, runs around with his shirt off, and asks me "Why is Casey so cool?".  Also, quite the poser:

And like all boys, has troubles keeping his fingers out of his sister's picture.

He is the greatest. I pray all the best for him. Purpose, life, love and joy.

Also, I miss him. He hasn't been over for awhile.

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