Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well, here goes nothing

I'm starting this blog, weird. Not so much to share my thoughts with the world, but to get them out and I'm a much faster typer than I am writer. Plus, I can put pictures up here, and Lord knows, I don't ever take the time to print them out. Maybe one day I'll have a huge following. Just kidding, I won't. I only cook other people's recipes, buy other people's pictures and follow other people's orgainzing tips. Pretty sure that's all that one can blog about.

Right now we are in the process of fixing up a 1990 Kingsley '37 5th wheel. We, my husband, Dierks (that's what I call him :)), and I, will be living in it full time while we renovate our 1915 house.

1915 is one of many different years I've heard associated with the actual finished date of the house. But I like it. So that's the date I tell people. 1915.

But who knew that we'd have to put a month's worth of work into the Kingsley before we could live in it? Everyone? Everyone knew? okay fine, I suppose we knew that too, but wished and hoped it wasn't true.

Well I better get to packing up this tiny, awkward apartment, with terrible, terrible carpet. We already put in our 30 days notice....bittersweet. "Our First Place" We don't have many "first's" here, no we never made any babies here, but that's a good thing. I don't think they would have survived the carpet. But it is still the first time I've ever lived with a man (dad aside), and he's a hunky one at that.

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